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May 29 2009

Praxiseseseses, etc.

I passed both Praxis exams!  I was surprised I did so well on the social studies content exam, since I haven’t studied American history in, oh, two years or so.  Luckily, Professor Litwack gave us a fantastic overview of Reconstruction to modern gangsta rap, so I have the second half of US covered pretty well.  Colonial history? Forget about it.  Needless to say, there wasn’t a lot of medieval history on the test.  There isn’t a lot of medieval history in the New Jersey high school social studies curriculum.  Isn’t that a shame?

The elementary content exam went well.  I got to bubble in “Combustion” as an answer to one of the science questions, which made Favorite Roommate very proud.  Turns out we were allowed to use calculators, but the math was manageable even without one.  It just would have made all those darn fractions easier to manipulate.  “Fractions are our friends.”  Why do middle school math teachers lie to us?

I’m getting a little anxious/excited about moving to NY this summer.  What will my roommates be like?   What will the food be like?  What will the instruction be like? What will my students be like?  Will I get enough sleep?  I feel, in many ways, like a freshman again.  A freshman with tons of homework yet to do.

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